We have tried to create terms that align incentives.   Additionally, our portfolio manager, Dan Roller, has the majority of his personal capital invested in the fund, alongside that of his clients.


Fund Terms - Maran Partners Fund, LP

Subscription Frequency: Monthly

Redemption Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment: $100k

Share Classes

  • Management Fee: 1%  |  Incentive Allocation: 20%  |  Lock Up: 1 year
  • Management Fee: 1%  |  Incentive Allocation: 15%  |  Lock Up: 3 years
  • Management Fee: 1%  |  Incentive Allocation: 10%  |  Lock Up: 5 years

High watermark provisions apply

Due to SEC regulations, the fund is only available to persons who are "accredited investors" and "qualified clients."


To invest, contact us to request a copy of the Confidential Offering Memorandum and related subscription documents.   

Prior to investing, investors are strongly urged to review carefully the Offering Memorandum and related documents, including risks described therein associated with investing in the Fund, to ask additional questions and discuss any prospective investment with their own advisers.  Additional information will be provided upon request.

An investment in the Partnership involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and accredited investors. Investors should be prepared to suffer losses of their entire investments. The Offering Memorandum contains brief descriptions of certain of the risks associated with investing in the Fund.

Maran Partners Fund LP is offered in accordance with Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, which "allows issuers to use general solicitation and general advertising, provided all purchasers are accredited investors and the issuer takes reasonable steps to verify their accredited status."  In connection with a prospective investor’s purchase of Partnership Interests through a Rule 506(c) offering, the Partnership is obligated to verify any participating investor’s status as an “accredited investor” (as such term is defined in Rule 501 promulgated under the Securities Act).

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy Fund interests, even if such interests may be currently offered to others.  Any offer to sell or a solicitation to buy Fund interests will be made only in accordance with the Fund's Confidential Offering Memorandum.  The Fund may not be eligible for sale in some states or countries, nor suitable for all types of investors.

None of the information contained herein has been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, any securities administrator under any state securities laws, or any other U.S. or non-U.S. governmental or self-regulatory authority. No governmental authority has passed on the merits of this offering or the adequacy of the information contained herein. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful.

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