We do things differently than the vast majority of investment managers - not just to be different, but because we think it will help us generate superior returns.
— Dan Roller, Founder and Portfolio Manager

What sets us apart? 

We Are:



We believe it is less risky and more profitable to concentrate our portfolio into a few well-researched and compellingly valued companies, than it is to diversify the portfolio widely into companies that are more expensive or about which we know less.


A critical element of minimizing risk is intense research.  We have a well-honed, time-tested research process and an extensive network of fellow investors, analysts, executives, and business owners who help in idea generation and due diligence.



We are lean, focused, and free of committees and institutional imperatives. 
We are committed to remaining small, which keeps our universe of investment options wide open.


We balance patience with decisiveness.  When we uncover uncommon value, we have the conviction to act.



We focus on small-cap stocks and special situations because we believe these are the most inefficient corners of the market.


We eat our own cooking.  Our portfolio manager, Dan Roller, has the majority of his personal capital invested in Maran Partners Fund, LP, alongside his clients.